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Frank Ocean Releases Biking feat Jay-Z


Frank Ocean has been very generous lately. Months after releasing his highly (HIGHLY) anticipated album(s) Blonde (and Endless), the singer has been steadily featuring and releasing new music for his dedicated fans.

Lovers of Christopher Francis Ocean's music will be pleased to learn that he's just dropped another new track and it features some serious heavyweight rappers.

We first heard this teaser on a random Tweet and you could hear Tyler spitting bars on the kind of beat that makes us remember the Odd Future days with fond memories.
The song then released and we could hear a distant Jay Z in the beginning followed by Frank Ocean at his vocal finest.
This is the second track that Frank Ocean has released in a matter of months (Following "Chanel" in March). Is Frank just sharing some spare sounds or could he be teasing
Check out the new track, "Biking" below:

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