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YNUG Premieres New Mixtape - Multiple Personality Disorder (Deluxe Edition)


The Release of ‘Multiple Personality Disorder [Deluxe]’ is good news for fans of rapper YNUG and in general anybody who loves good hip-hop music. About 48hours ago, YNUG took to his twitter @YNUG_ to preview a new tracklist of the soon to be released Deluxe version of his widely received album “Multiple Personality Disorder” which came out a few months ago.

The Deluxe Version features new records like Real Life, O_ffice and FIFA, all produced by Jxmmy Whxxlxr.

The #mPdDeluxe possesses all the qualities that make up a Classic rap album.

It seems like YNUG is gearing up for something bigger but let’s enjoy another round of MPD for now, a refill never hurt anybody.


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